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Goody’s, the company that introduced the concept of burger in Greece, was founded in 1975, with its first store in Thessaloniki. Today, Goody’s is the biggest food chain in the country, with over 130 stores throughout Greece.

In recent years, Goody’s made yet another step, by introducing the concept of Burger Houses, which are modern casual restaurants, standing out for their aesthetics and authentic ambiance.

Among the entire Goody’s store network that includes 130 stores, in prominent locations and closed markets, like highways and ships, already 40 of them are new Goody’s Burger Houses. The new concept is waiting to be further developed with the opening of more stores throughout Greece.

Goody’s possesses 1st place in the branded food market in Greece, in terms of visits and consumption, and is the first most recognizable brand in the market. Also, Goody’s Burger House already operates in countries outside Greece, such as, Australia, Albania, FYROM, and Kosovo, while the dynamic expansion plan includes the development of 6 new stores in Russia, Cyprus, Armenia, Malta and Saudi Arabia