Goody’s product quality

The biggest part of the Goody’s Burger House ingredients comes from Hellenic Catering, a Greek sophisticated production unit and subsidiary of Goody’s, that constitutes a role model for the entire domain. Moreover, Goody’s Burger House maintains a steady cooperation with certified raw material suppliers that comply with the strictest global standards.

Today, all Goody’s Burger Houses implement the most contemporary –on a global level- Food Safety System (HACCP), which is certified by ISO 22000 of TÜV Hellas.

Goody's Burger

The traditional Goody’s Burger House burger is based on a Greek recipe. It consists of 100% minced veal, mixed with fresh ingredients, such as eggs and grated toast. This is the secret of its delicious taste. The Goody’s Burger House burger does not contain any conservatives.

Burgers are made in the subsidiary company -Hellenic Catering- in Thessaloniki, following a contemporary production line without human intervention, and in accordance with the strictest hygiene standards. It is worth mentioning that since 1993 the company implements the HACCP system (Food Safety System), while since 1996 the production unit is certified by ISO 9001.

The burgers are frozen based on the IQF (Individually Quick Frozen) method, in deep freezing conditions right after production, in order to maintain their quality. Last, but not least, they are grilled –and not fried- straight out of the freezer.