Guideline Daily Amount

Guideline Daily Amount (GDA)


It is a measurable way to balance our diet. The GDA shows the percentage of the Daily Need of a normal body a meal can cover, when it comes to calories and other nutritious ingredients.

It includes suggestions for calories, proteins, fat, carbs and other nutritional factors.

How calories are measured?

The GDA differs from person to person, depending on their unique features, such as their sex, age, body type, daily body activity, etc.. The globally adopted average is 2500 kcal for men, 2000 kcal for women and 1600 kcal for children. Nevertheless, everyone can measure their own daily needs in calories, proteins, fat and carbs based on their own unique features. Goody’s Burger House has developed a special digital system that counts individual GDAs so that everyone can measure their daily needs.

Which nutrients are analyzed?

Energy (Kcal): Most of us recognize calories (Kilocalories or kcal) as a measurement unit of energy.
Despite the average and individual quantities we can measure, specialists recommend that people who aim for weight loss should receive 500 calories less than the suggested GDA.

Proteins: Proteins are large, complex molecules, and essential nutrients for the human body, its growth, function and regulation. We mainly receive proteins from meat-based food, but also from legumes, dairy products and cereals.

Fat: Fat is a fuel source for the human body. It contains double the calories of carbs and proteins together. Despite the fact that it is necessary for the human body, overconsumption can lead to fast weight gain.

Carbohydrates: Any of a large group of organic compounds contained in foods and living tissues, including sugars, starch, and cellulose. Our diet should include bread, potatoes, cereals, rice and pasta, with a preference to wholegrain products.

How are they measured?

The GDA derives from scientific data. To specify the GDA, the calories and individual nutrients needed by various population groups are measured, analyzed and given as suggestions of daily consumption. This way we can (synoptically, but more specifically) measure daily nutrient intake, so that we can set the balance of our diet.

For GDA measuring, Goody’s Burger House has adopted:

1-  The suggestions of the mixed expert committee for nutrition of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN and the World Health Organization
2- The GDA for daily nutrition intake the European Committee suggests and publishes (established by the German, Austrian and Swedish [Association for Nutrition])