Terms of Use

Gnet online rules!

To gain access to Greece’s largest online group you have to accept the terms of use of the
goodysnet.com website.

If you agree with those rules you can proceed with registration. The registration step implies the explicit acceptance of the terms outlined herein.  

Α) General
1. The web page  www.goodysnet.com  is sole property of VIVARTIA SA (ABEE) –Catering Services and Entertainment Division and is offered for entertainment and information purposes to users residing in Greece.
2. Users-members of the web page  www.goodysnet.com are offered a rich selection of entertainment and information services, which do not constitute incitement towards performance of specific acts or otherwise or towards the purchase of GOODY’s products.
3. The user-member retains sole responsibility of access to goodysnet.gr services and he/she is liable for the payment of fees to third parties in order to facilitate that access.

Β) Content
4. The information and messages sent by the users will be checked by the administrators of
goodysnet.com  and will be published, unless they are considered offensive or inappropriate. The users must not refer to the website for the provision of any kind of specialized consultation (such as medical advice).
5. All the information provided in the website is made available solely for entertainment and information purposes and do not constitute an act of solicitation towards the making of investments in the activities of VIVARTIA SA. VIVARTIA SA does not bear responsibility for possible costs incurred by the user during their use of the website.
6. VIVARTIA SA, as sole proprietor of the website, retains the right to change, amend or improve the present website.

C) Interactive communication
7. goodysnet.com  is offering to registered users the opportunity to chat privately in different ways, either in groups or on an individual basis. Every user is obliged to adhere to basic rules of conduct and decency. Furthermore, all users agree:
a) Not to make use of the goodysnet.com services to transmit offensive, threatening, indecent and generally content that is offensive to others and users agree not to intrude on the private lives and the personal rights of other user-members.
b) Not to act, through goodysnet.com, in any way contrary to intellectual property laws under any jurisdiction.
c) Not to carry out any activity (including publish or transmit online through electronic mail) that comprises advertising elements, sales promotion or commercial exploitation.
8. User views expressed as part of their use of the present website are not in any way linked to
VIVARTIA SA and the GOODY’ S restaurant chain.

D)Personal information
9. The users are not obliged to fill out the member registration form to navigate through goodysnet.com website and browse its content. However, in order to gain access to the functions offered to registered users, including content publishing, taking part in competitions and games, and online chats, the user must register to the services of goodysnet.com.
10. To support the abovementioned activities through the website, the user accepts that basic personal information, like name, sex and age will be made visible to other members of
11. Further to the completion of the user registration process, the user is presented with the possibility to include voluntarily further personal data.
12. The registered user-member is the only one who communicates, enters, modifies, adds, removes and exchanges with other user-members information of him/herself and is solely responsible for the accuracy and validity of that information.
13. Participants’ personal information will be kept on record, solely for the purposes of the provision of services and actions carried out through the website goodysnet.com according to Greek legislation (Ν. 2472/1997, Ν.2774/1999) and the Personal Information Authority Directives that are in force at the time.
14. Every registered user retains the right to request in writing through electronic mail to
goodysnet.gr the removal of his/her personal information from the records.
15. The proprietor of the website undertakes not to sell, pass on or make public in any other way to third parties the personal information of users that are to be collected through goodysnet.com.

Ε) Connection/Linking to other websites
16. Within different parts of the website there is the possibility of automatic connection to other internet websites that are in some way related to the content of the present website. This however, does not imply that VIVARTIA SA and the GOODY’ S restaurant chain are necessarily linked with any of these websites or their proprietors. The aim of the company is for you to find these websites of interest.
Have fun and welcome to the Gnet group!!!